The kids are alrightOh Mummy and Bird & Bramble present:


“The Kids Are Alright”


A discussion panel looking at parenting in the creative industries. What it means to be a parent and an artist.

This panel will discuss the practical problems of unsociable hours and babysitters, but also the less tangible problems that can come with being an artist with child. Being a parent can take almost every screed of energy and become so much of your identity, so what do you do when your job is also to give of yourself, to create art? How do you express who you are through music, when who you are is someone who can’t get the Peppa Pig theme song out of their head and struggled to find a clean sock, never mind a capo and the will to entertain!?

The panel is hosted by parents who have been in the local music scene and just want to go to bed:

Stefanie Campbell is the co Founder of Bird & Bramble, a local music support organisation. She is a Mother of one delightful little girl and a well established artist in her own right.

Amy Joyce is a blogger who writes under ‘Oh Mummy’. She is also a mummy of one, a writer and music promoter, who has also performed as a singer with several local artists.

This is a free event, simply register at

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